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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Do you need to blow off some steam with your BFFs?  Is your significant other driving you crazy? Are you ready for a night of cocktails and catty fun?  Then you’ll love the Snarky Ladies Party Game.  
Behind the perfectly styled hair, flawless makeup, arched backs and bras that look like they could shoot bullets (think of Austin Power’s Fembots), is a snarky lady who knows just what to say.
The theme for this project is inspired by vintage product advertisements which are truly cringeworthy, particularly the ones directed at women.  Many can be boiled down to; if you don’t buy our product whether it be appliances, food, clothing, makeup or feminine products your life will not be worth living, no man will want you, if you have a man, you won’t be able to keep him.  For this project I've created a new "Intimates" collage sheet of vintage women from ridiculous bra advertisements.
Another influencing factor was the Alpha Stamps Dapper Gents Kit with its collage sheets of dapper men and retro decorative paper.
I started by working on some ATC snarky lady cards and wasn’t satisfied, thinking there must be something more I could do with the cards and the theme.  After discussing it with my husband, he suggested making it into a game and “The Snarky Ladies Party Game” was born.
The object of the game is to have fun finding out how in tune each of the players is with the rest of the group.
There two decks of cards (Men & Ladies).  The men cards have two cringeworthy comments and the Ladies cards have a snarky response.  All but one of the players votes on which of the cringeworthy comments best fits the snarky comment.  

The remaining player must guess which of the men comments was chosen by the majority of the players.
Failure to make a correct choice means a spin of the wheel and answering a question or fulfilling a task.
For example:

*  Your significant other comes home unexpectedly, where do you hide the pool boy?

*  What’s the worst pickup line you’ve heard?
*  Down a beverage of the groups choice

Play continues until all of the cards and players are exhausted.  At the bottom of the post you'll find the game instructions that you can print and use for your game.
In addition to the Alpha Stamps supplies I’ve used for this project, I’ve also created free images and collage sheets that you’ll find at the bottom of this post.  Feel free to download and use them in your projects.  They include:
  • ·       Mens & ladies comments for the cards
  • ·       Card Labels
  • ·       Large “The Snarky Ladies Party Game” labels
  • ·       The wheel I used plus a blank wheel that can be tailored to your needs
  • ·       Game rules
I used a cigar box to store the game and attached the large “Snarky Ladies Party Game” label to the front.
On the inside lid I attached the game rules.
In the box is the game wheel, two decks of cards (Men & Ladies) and a box with a drawer which contains slips of paper for voting, pencils and a pair of dice.  The box is made from an ATC sized Hidden Drawer Book Box chipboard kit.
I’ve decorated the top with chipboard retro shapes, and images from the collage sheets.

 TIP:   When adding a spinner to the wheel, use something like a rondelle in between the wheel and the spinner so that the spinner floats above the wheel.  This will make it easier to spin.  Attach the spinner & rondelle combination to the wheel with a brad.  When opening the brad to secure it in place, make sure it is loose or you won’t be able to spin the spinner.
When making the game cards for stiffness I used chipboard ATCs in between the decorative paper.

IDEA – this game could be tailored to any situation where there are two opposing sides.  For example:
·       Bosses and subordinates
·       Annoying women and snarky men
·       Catty women and gossiping men

This sheet includes 13 lovely vintage ladies in bras.


Feel free to download these images and use them in your project.

This sheet contains lots of quotes to get you started.  The number of cards you create is up to you.


I've included the wheel I used and a blank wheel that you can customize.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017


The new Vintage Hollywood paper and Venetian Fan Blade fan blades sets were the inspiration for this project.  The fan blades work great for creating either a fan for display purposes or a working fan.
To compliment the style and color scheme of the paper I designed three new collage sheets “Deco Dames”, “Sassy Beauties” and “Mini Sassy Beauties” that are sized to fit the fan blade sets (see below).

This sheet contains 8 lovely ladies in 1920’s fashion with 7 fan designs in various sizes.

This sheet contains 19 sassy ladies from the 1920s. 

This sheet designed by yours truly and contains two sets of ladies from the 1920's for a total of 38 images.  The collage sheet is sized to fit the mini fans.

Below is a fan made using the Mini Fan Blades and the Mini Sassy Beauties collage sheet. It's the perfect size for a gift card and would fit nicely in an envelope; decorate one side and write on the other.


I started by covering both sides of a set of large and small fan blades with the Vintage Hollywood decorative paper.
Next, I used a black marker to draw a border around the blades.
I glued the smaller fan blades to the bottom of the larger blades.
I then punched a hole in one of the blades and used it as a template to mark and punch the holes in the remaining blades.
I cutout fans from the Deco Dames Collage Sheet and attached a Abez Drop/Connector to each fan.

I used a frame from the Elegant Frames Download set backed by more of the decorative paper to showcases lades from the Deco Dames Collage Sheet.
I glued the framed ladies to the fan blades and the added the fans.  To give the fans more sparkle I added colored rhinestones.

I decided to glue the fan blades in place instead of making it a working fan as this fan was for display.  With gluing the blades in place you can add more dimensional embellishments.
Notice how the blades are attached with the middle blade on top, followed by the blade on the right, then the blade on the left, then the last blade on the right and finally the last blade on the left.

NOTE: If you want to learn how to connect the blades of the fan together to make a working fan checkout the links to other fan tutorials at the bottom of this post.
To secure the fan at the bottom I used a button and wire.  Behind the button I added beads attached to chains.
On the back of the fan, I folded the wire, glued it in place and covered it with a piece of filigree.

On the back of the fan, I folded the wire, glued it in place and covered it with a piece of filigree.